As our mission statement states, we consider it our mission to create ever more measurable value for our customers by integrating different software products as well as integrating products with services, thus generating a high return on investment for every customer.

In the "strategy" section you can read how we have achieved part of this strategy by integrating products with services. As far as products are concerned we have been looking in the European market for the very best products that can be integrated with Winner. Our search has resulted in strategic participations with several companies. Please be advised that we are currently working hard to integrate a number of different products with Winner however this integration has not been fully achieved with all products nor is it ready to be marketed in all countries (because of translations, documentation etc.).

The following partnerships have been established:

  • FurniTec GmbH, Germany: develop and support the software tool (called FurniCon) to register kitchen catalogue data in the industry format called IDM which has been developed by the DCC (Daten Competence Center). FurniTec certifies IDM data for the kitchen, furniture and electro-appliances industries. Compusoft obtained a 49% stake in FurniTec in 2004 and today has the exclusive rights to distribute FurniTec products outside Germany. FurniTec also develops and supports a number of other high-added-value products and applications for the furniture, kitchen and bathroom industries. For more information about FurniTec see:

  • EQ Software was established in 2000 and have since delivered dedicated business management software solutions for the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom industry. More than 6000 users worldwide work daily with EQ products in sales and business management. EQ Software has, for many years had an interface to Compusoft products, in order to serve our mutual common customers. In 2012, when EQ Software was looking for a strategic partner that could help to strengthen their future growth, they chose Compusoft. In addition to better integration of the companies’ products, this partnership provides EQ Software access to the well-established European service organisation of Compusoft for broader distribution of their products.