Many competitors have tried to set up a service network through agents or distributors, simply because this is obviously a much cheaper and lower-risk operation than setting up their own organiation.

Unlike this approach, Compusoft's choice of subsidiaries has the clear advantage of having much greater control over communication with and service to customers. After all, it is easier to control high standards of service when working with your own people.

In practice this means:

Highly motivated and well-trained staff for our helpdesk and for training courses in your own language

As a matter of fact, Compusoft spends 3% of its annual turnover on training and education of its (own) service staff.

It goes without saying that agents/distributors are not inclined to invest in such ways as they are dependent on the goodwill of the supplier, who one day might terminate their distributor agreement.

The facts prove how rewarding it is for us to invest in our people: they are so motivated that we can proudly say that since the start-up of Compusoft only very few staff members have left us on their own initiative.

That is very unusual in software/high-tech businesses. As a result our customers benefit from ever improving skills and know-how and therefore from better service.

Only ONE partner with ONE solution for Key Accounts

This is particularly important for manufacturers and Key Accounts who operate in several or even in all countries of Europe.

 Instead of working with different software suppliers from one country to another and therefore having a different communication mode for each country, just make one deal with Compusoft Management and in no time your dealers will be served everywhere in Europe by the same company … there is no need to spell out the advantages of such a solution.

High-quality catalogues in 11 languages - delivered on time

Manufacturer catalogues (sales manuals) are compiled in 11 languages and distributed all over Europe at the same time (something which cannot be done if you have different distributors in different countries). Moreover, thanks to this system, Compusoft can also give written guarantees on delivery times for the catalogues.

Please feel free to check if your catalogues are currently in our library.

Long term commitment to manufacturers/dealers

All professionals know that it takes time to install good communication procedures with your suppliers. But what can you do if you have finally established good communication lines and your contact person suddenly quits? Well, with Compusoft you won’t have to cope with that problem since all our key people stay with us because they are actually shareholders of the company and believe in its great growth story.