Innoplus web

For professional trade and retailers

Increase your website’s attraction and its number of visitors using Innoplus Web! This user-friendly planning tool allows every visitor to your website to quickly design and view their dream bathroom in just a few easy steps.

This is an excellent service for your customers and a fantastic marketing tool for you.

By following a few easy and intuitive steps the resulting design is presented attractively in 3D giving your customers an impressive virtual walk-through of their dream bathroom with just a few mouse clicks. Sending all relevant information directly to your system makes acquiring and establishing meaningful contact with your prospects much easier.

Compared to other forms of advertising Innoplus Web delivers qualified contact information - giving you, the dealer, a huge advantage. You can then concentrate your efforts on offering designs to these genuinely interested customers that are tailored to their specific needs. There’s more! The plans generated by your customers with Innoplus Web can be imported directly into Innoplus. Before you even speak with the customer you will have the essential room dimensions, model choice and basic layout so you can prepare the first consultation in a much more focussed way. This is an important step on the path to successfully closing of each potential sale.

Incorporating Innoplus Web in your existing website is simple! Innoplus Web is a unique opportunity for you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of both your advertising and sales consultations - which means increased turnover. In order for you, as a bathroom professional, to be able to test we have arranged «Compusoft Trial» installation  - Test it now