Compelling planning results

Take your customer by their hand and guide them through all the steps of the planning process, from first sketch to the ready to install bathroom with Innoplus!

Make use of the numerous smart and easy functions which allow you to save precious time and to concentrate completely on your customer, their ideas and the sales conversation – thus leading you to the conclusion of the contract quickly and easily.

  • 2D elevation views and 3D perspectives
  • Presentation of your planning results as photorealistic image, surround view, or video [presentation as photorealistic image and creative drawing]
  • [Display of the planning result as 360⁰ view or video]
  • 2D elevation view with automatic dimensioning
  • Parts lists, cutting and  tiling plan [parts lists and tiling plan]
  • [Presentation folder with pre-defined layouts]
  • Export functions: DXF-format, VRML-viewer-format, common image file formats


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