High user-friendliness – the key to your business success

With the development of Innoplus we have met our own high demands regarding the user-friendliness of software and at the same time we have set the benchmark for planning software solutions in the market.

We understand it is not sufficient that software is easy to learn – it is much more decisive that its application in the daily routine work is easy, time saving, realistic, and effective! All these demands have been picked up and realised in the development of Innoplus. With only a very few and short instructions it is possible for each user of Innoplus to achieve attractive and impressive room planning results, documents such as parts lists, technical drawings etc. are generated automatically. With this in mind Innoplus is a very powerful selling tool! 

For your customers the perspective drawings generated with Innoplus create a very realistic perception of the room – the optimum condition for a fast and successful conclusion of the sales contract. [Photorealistic impressions of the planned room will make it easier for your customer to make their decision and sign the contract.]

While other CAD applications still require a lot of manual operations in addition to the software managed processes most of the functions and routines of your planning work are completely automated in Innoplus. To mention only a few:

  • Free planning in 3D perspective and 2D elevation view
  • Free movement in the room
  • Wizards are used to simplify typical sequences of work [intuitive user interface]
  • Drag&drop function – move objects with the mouse quickly and easily
  • Automatic hide/ show option for objects
  • Realistic presentation of your room throughout the planning
  • Numerous lighting variations
  • Wizards for the installation of bathtubs, partition walls and platforms
  • Movement of objects for automatic collision detection
  • Display of movement areas
  • Quickly and easily change of variations with only one mouse click
  • User-defined article and furniture groups
  • High user-friendliness – the key to your business success


Some description


  • Direct help function – information about single features
  • Context menu – only the currently available options are displayed
  • Automatic placement of tiles, template boards and tile patterns with only one mouse click [Simple placement of tiles, template boards and patterns]
  • Automatic adjustment of tiling areas with one mouse click, using objects or edges as reference points [Fast adjustment of tiling areas]
  • Insert functions for tile edges, listellos and borders
  • Numerous design variations for decor tiles
  • User-defined width of grout lines
  • Display of the surrounding areas