Product overview

Innoplus comfort is the complete software solution for professional bathroom and tile planning. It comprises all functions and features used for the planning process without any limitations. Special features, e.g. creative drawings, presentation of planning results on a second device (Projector, TV), or the creation of a presentation folder for the optimal presentation of your planning results are some of the outstanding features of Innoplus comfort.

Overview of functions

Bathroom planning with manufacturer data of the sanitary department 
The complete range of catalogues issued by Europe‘s well-known manufacturers of sanitary items and furniture is available in CAD file-format for your 2D and 3D planning with Innoplus.

Tile planning with manufacturer data of the tile department
Moreover catalogues of Europe’s leading tile manufacturers are available for your planning work with Innoplus.

Fast and easy tiling with template boards
Tile your room within a few seconds. The great choice of predefined tile template boards in Innoplus leaves nothing to be desired. Let your creativity flow and define your own template boards with only a few mouse clicks.

M-mode – magnetic planner 
Use the M-mode to do your room planning in a manner similar to that of the traditional magnetic planning board. If necessary, improve the results of your planning in the XL-mode.

Photo-realistic displays of planning results 
The impressive photo-realistic images generated with Innoplus give your customers a very realistic idea and impression of how their bathroom will look.

Illumination mode 
Make use of the different features of the lighting mode, e.g. lighting on/ off, intensity, coloured LED, number of lamps etc. to create a realistic and emotive atmosphere in your customer’s dream bathroom.

Automatic dimensioning 
Throughout the whole planning process the automatic dimensioning is continuously updated. Choose between the options “hide/ show automatic dimensioning” depending on the requirements of the planning situation. For the efficient exchange of planning data, import and export of CAD plans in the DXF file format are available as basic features of Innoplus. Advanced functions for the automatic dimensioning of room and tile plans as well as numerous presentation modes are available in Innoplus.

Surround view and pan shot options 
Innoplus allows for free user-defined pan shot and 360⁰ view options in the 3D perspectives which can be saved as an image and video files.

Creative drawings 
Different to the photo-realistic images generated in Innoplus it is also possible to give your customers a more hand painted impression of the room atmosphere by means of the different sketch modes.

Presentation of planning results on a second device 
Make an excellent presentation of your planning results to impress your customer and lead them to a fast contract conclusion. Use the option “presentation on a second device”, e.g. Projector, TV etc. to show your customer only the 3D perspectives and videos without any disturbing background details e.g. software menus etc.

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