Faster communication using the internet

Download and install updated catalogues and program versions directly from Winner Design!

The latest available Winner Design catalogues as well as the program updates are only a couple of mouse clicks away. Simply select download catalogues / updates and you get a list of updated catalogues or program patches. You can also program Winner Design to check for updates automatically so that you always work with the latest versions.

Send quotations to your customers via email directly from Winner Design!

In Winner Design everything you can print on paper you can also send as email. This means that instead of doing a printout and sending it to a customer, you can mail them directly. This is fast, cheap and convenient. The email will contain PDF files, so it is not a problem to include graphics.

Send orders to your manufacturer electronically

Send orders and drawings to your suppliers electronically. They can be sent from Winner Design to Winner Design or from Winner Design to any computer with Windows (and the freely downloadable Acrobat® Reader).


Faster communication using the internet