System requirements

Workstation requirements

(for laptops and desktops running Winner Design)

HardwareMinimum requirementsRecommended
RAM 4096 8192
DVD 4x 48x
Hard disk 40GB 400GB
Free hard disk cap. 5GB 20GB
Graphic card
(see more info below)
 AMD/ATI or Nvidia based graphic card (GPU) nVidia GeForce...
AMD/ATI Radeon HD xxxx
Monitor 17" (15" laptops) 24" (desktops)
Colour depth 16 bits 32 bits
Screen resolution 1024x768 1920x1080 or higher
Printers - Colour inkjet or Colour laser
CPU Pentium Dual-Core Intel® Core® i7
Operating System Windows Vista Business SP2 Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise 64 bit

Note: Apple Mac is not supported

Issues that should also be discussed with your hardware supplier when considering the purchase of new workstations are:

  • how to make backup copies of data (e.g. dedicated drive, network/server, CD-Roms, memory stick etc.)
  • dual video output if two monitors are required
  • If a powerful rendering of photorealistic images is particularly important for you, you may want to go for a high-end Intel® Xeon® E5 CPU instead of an Intel® Core i7 CPU. Anyhow, regarding powerful renderings we can say the more cores the better; and you should avoid the "U" versions (Ultra-low power) of the Intel® Core i7 processor family.

Graphic cards

(for laptops and desktops running Winner Design)

Like most CAD systems Winner Design works best with good graphics hardware. The right kind of graphics card can save you a lot of trouble and will certainly produce the best results. Good 3D graphics cards will make the perspective drawings in Winner Design much faster and dramatically improve the visual quality of the drawings.

Compusoft has tested many graphics cards and recommends the following:

nVidia GeForce...
AMD/ATI Radeon HD xxxx

nVidia and ATI make graphics chips that are used by many graphics card manufacturers (Asus, AOpen, Creative Labs, Elsa, Sapphire, LeadTek etc.). Graphics cards based on the ATI or the nVidia graphics chip can come under many different names.

The important thing is that the card should be based on the recommended chip from nVidia or ATI.

For usage with Winner Design, the following graphics cards are not recommended:

- Matrox cards (all types)
- ATI Rage Pro, All In Wonder Pro, Expert@Play98, Expert98
- S3 GammaChrome
- SIS cards (ordinary SIS cards and cards integrated on mother board)
- XGI Volari
- Intel® Graphics

We urge you to follow this advice to save yourself a lot of trouble. Even if a hardware salesperson tells you that some other graphics card is "just as good", demand to get a GeForce or Radeon based card.